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Art heals. Art inspires. Art uplifts. Art teaches. One goal of The Art of Birthing is to use various forms of artistic expression to create paradigm shifts that promote elevation and healing. In order to shift the paradigm, we must learn new ways of thinking, and being in this world. Our 2021 workshops will take you from Conscious Conception to Conscious Parenting and will inspire new ways of thinking as we continue to shift the narrative about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and motherhood. Workshops are included with all registration levels. 

Friday, September 24th 

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 An enlightening conversation on how indigenous practices, an ancient calendar, astrology, and biomakers can be used in modern conception practices. 

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This presentation will discuss cellular changes in the brain, subconscious programming, pregnancy mindset and how they are all connected to Conscious Childbirth. 

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 From low milk supply to pelvic floor dysfunction, Fourth Phase's founders, Nana Eyeson-Awkiwowo and Marcia Cole, along with a panel of experts will share what every new mother needs to successfully navigate her postpartum experience. 

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