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Virtually Vibin' Workshops
September 24 & 25 | 1:00-2:30pm & 3:00-4:30pm CST

Dancing, drawing, painting, writing, singing: Art heals. Art inspires. Art uplifts. Art teaches. One goal of The Art of Birthing is to use various forms of artistic expression to create paradigm shifts that promote elevation and healing. In order to shift the paradigm, we must learn new ways of thinking, and being in this world. Through the TAOB Workshops we seek to provide you with an opportunity to use creativity and art to do the work that is necessary to shift the paradigm about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and motherhood.

Thursday, September 24th | 1:00 PM -  2:30 PM CST

Reclaiming the Root: Healing the Root Chakra as a Pathway to Creativity

This interactive workshop will explore the impact of birth and systemic and institutional oppression on the root chakra.  We will discuss the disconnect Black womxn have with their bodies; use writing, cell phones and physical movement to repair the root chakra; and discover their deepest passions on every level of their being.  Participants will leave with tangible tools remain in alignment to ensure they stay focused on their healing and goals. 

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Crystal Tennille Irby is a spoken word grand slam champion, published writer, director and actress. In addition to her artistic endeavors Crystal is also a doula and a facilitator for Speaking Down Barriers, a team of listeners, healers, artists, researchers, teachers, theologians, & creatives who work together to offer encounters that transform our life together across human difference rooted in healing and justice.

Crystal Tennille

Thursday, September 24th | 3:00 PM -  4:30 PM CST

We Wrestle Not Against Flesh & Blood: Discussing Informed Spirituality

This workshop interactive workshop will discuss centering the importance unearthing, decolonizing, and applying spiritual tools throughout the journey of Motherhood. We will discuss what we have been taught, address barriers to specifically embracing Afro-Spirituality in our parenting and learn how to creatively construct rituals that will produce concrete tools to pursue our deepest passions and root mothering in creativity, liberation and healing.

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Thea Monyee is an accomplished self identified Black Woman Creative, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Director of Decolonization for the multimedia platform Black Girl Mixtape, and writer, producer, and director of The Get Right, a youtube series offering advice for aligned living. Thea Monyee ́'s unapologetic work stems from her unwavering passion to healing and her belief that true healing can only occur in a liberated and non-oppressive society.

Thea Monyee