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We have partnered with artists from around the country to raise awareness about maternal and infant mortality and perinatal disparities. The Art of Birthing online art auction will raise funds to support our Healthy Birth Louisiana state training initiative. 

A Special Thank You to our Art Sponsors!


2023 Featured Artist 

Alina Allen 

Alina Allen is a phenomenal visual artist based in New Orleans LA. In describing herself, Alina says, therapeutic and healing are the two words I’ve always used to describe my artwork. I allow myself to be free and create whatever my sprit tells me. The materials I use are acrylics and oil paints on canvas and wood panels! Being a Black woman I believe it is imperative that I paint Black people!


She says, my inspirations derive from stories of my ancestors and I interpret it in a beautiful light. Born and raised in New Orleans, I love the fact that we celebrate the entire African-Diaspora in some way. Since my childhood I have been exposed to and participated in different religions, rituals, and festivals that celebrate African, Indian, French, Haitian, Brazilian, and Mexican Black culture in New Orleans. I see my ancestors in people living today and it’s so beautiful to witness. Continue this Journey with me!

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 Our #ArtAsAdvocacy Online Auction has launched! 

Support our community work.
Place a bid.  Win some Art! 
Help us improve birth outcomes. 

Alina Allen 
Instagram: @goodlinabadlina 

Erica Bryant

Instagram: @erica_likes_alligators

Hannah Chalew 

Instagram: @studio. hnnh.chlw

Jafar Pierre

Instagram: @cozmoblack

Kenyona Alexander 

Instagram: @asetankhre

Lauren Hind

Instagram: @the_body_erotic

LaVonna Varnado Brown


Lizzy Unger

Instagram: @lizzy_unger

Melissa Sutherland Moss

Instagram: @melissasutherlandmoss

Naomi White

Instagram: @naomiwhiteart

Ré Howse

Instagram: @rehowsearts

Regena Washington

Instagram: @_hunidew

Tina Orlandini

Instagram: @t.orlandini

Kunle Adewale 

Instagram: @artunbi

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