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Our goal with The Art of Birthing is to inspire a paradigm shift in the ways our communities think about conception, pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. With productions of visual, written, creative, spoken word and performing arts our aim is fourfold:

  • Provide a unique space for dialogue and healing for birth professionals and families

  • Increase awareness about birth options and solutions for improving outcomes

  • Increase awareness about perinatal outcomes and disparities

  • Raise funds to continue training Healthy Birth Ambassadors


The Art of Birthing will run October 11 – October 15, 2023. It will include: award winning documentaries, engaging panel discussions, a mama baba and me themed fashion show and more! We will partner with artists from around the country to host an online art auction which will raise funds to support our Healthy Birth Louisiana state training initiative. Make plans to join The Art of Birthing where we won’t simply be creating a Vibe, we will be creating an intentional vibration toward healing, love, elevation, and empowerment.

Wanna Join Us Get Your Virtually Vibin' Access!.png
Wanna Join Us Get Your Virtually Vibin' Access!.png
Wanna Join Us Get Your Virtually Vibin' Access!.png
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Due to the impact of Hurricane Ida The Art of Birthing has been re-oganized for 2021. We hope you will make plans to join us for our Birth Justice Film Festival scheduled to take place Saturday, October 9, 2021 

OR Make plans to join us for our  LIVE Watch Party at the Diboll Gallery Auditorium

located inside the Tulane University School of Public Health on Canal Street. 

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Most people are unaware that we have a childbirth crisis in our community. The United States is the only developed nation with a growing maternal mortality rate. Nearly one third of women give birth via major abdominal surgery. More than thirty percent of women report experiencing trauma while giving birth or report experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression. Too many of our babies don’t get to celebrate their first birthday, and unfortunately the black community experiences these poor outcomes in disproportionate numbers. The answers to many of these issues, and to eliminating perinatal disparities, lie within our community.


The Art of Birthing began as a way to engage the community in conversations about infant mortality. We have grown our efforts and now we use this as a time to engage the community in conversations about all things pregnancy including birth options, perinatal disparities, birth advocacy and most importantly solutions.

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Sista Midwife Productions (SMP) is dedicated to helping individuals and communities create a paradigm shift around the experience of giving birth.


As a black woman owned company we are dedicated to eliminating perinatal disparities and increasing the numbers of black birth advocates. We help families understand their rights and work to bring transparency and accountability to the medical obstetrical system. We provide education and training through webinars, keynotes, live workshops and events. We work with birth workers and advocates, families and communities and partner with like-minded agencies to provide community and staff workshops in the areas of preconception care, pregnancy and birth, perinatal disparities, breastfeeding, postpartum care and women’s empowerment.

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